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China PVC Film
28-12-2018, 10:58
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China PVC Film
Product description of PVC film for PVC panels
PVC main component is PVC, yellowish translucent, shiny. Transparency is better than polyethylene, polypropylene, worse than polystyrene, with a different amount of additives, divided into soft and hard PVC, soft and flexible products, sticky, hard products hardness higher than the low density polyethylene, Below polypropylene, there will be bleaching at the fold. Common products: sheet, pipe, soles, toys, windows and doors, wire skin, stationery and so on. Is a use of a chlorine atom to replace polyethylene in a hydrogen atom of the polymer material.
Our PVC film is hard type, widely used in PVC panels, PVC wall panels, MDF doors etc.
Top printing PVC film means the ink in on the top of the pattern.
Specification of PVC film for PVC panels
Package & Shipping
The hot stamping foils or PVC films are packed into a normal cartons, 2/4 rolls according to the cut size. 300000 to 550000 meters per 20GP container.China PVC Film
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