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low price Elevator
09-05-2019, 09:09
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low price Elevator
1. Usage and Operational Principles of vertical elevator
a) Vertical elevator is mainly used to lift up various of peanuts kernels and other granular materials.
b) Materials flow into and are fed into, and then are dug up and loaded. Materials flowed in the feeding hopper are hoisted up to the top, and are discharged by the centrifugal force.
c) It is suitable for vertically lifting up powder, granular, and small block materials which are of small density and easily dug up.
d) It is divided into two types: on-ground type and movable type. The on-ground type makes feeding materials easy, and the movable type can be easily connected by other equipment.
2. Structure and Performance of vertical elevator
a) The vertical elevator consists of feeding hopper, distribution hopper, hoisting machine main body, and material flowing nozzle. The running part consists of plastic dustpan and green Murrue belt. The height of the hoisting machine can be tailor made by the hoisting height.
b) Murrue belt goes around drive roller and driven roller, and forms a running part of closed circle. The reducer is installed on the front part of the hoisting machine, and the friction between drive roller and driven roller will drive the murrue belt.
c) Dustpan meets national safety sanitary standard, and its advantages are: high strength, resistance to abrasion, anti-corrosion, life longer than steel dustpan. Its low weight can extend its life, reduces its energy consumption. Good flexibility can reduce the broken rate of materials.
d) The vertical elevator is fully closed by board, and reserves an observation door for easy inspection and repair. There is an observation window for observing at any time if the dustpan can work properly.
e) Tension device is used to make the murrue belt expand, and ensures the murrue belt has enough tension force. Tension devices are installed at both ends of the hoisting machine, it is usually guide rail type, and realized by adjusting T type bearing.
f) Advantages of the vertical elevator: no dust is spread out, low pollution, running stably, compact size, stable and reliable, and low noise.low price Elevator
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